Journal of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
( Vol.21 NO.3 / 2017 )
1 Spectral Legendre and Chebyshev approximation for the Stokes interface problems ( 109-124 Page ) Peyman Hessari, Byeong-Chun Shin
2 Development of an Improved Three-dimensional Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis based on ( 125-142 Page ) Seil Kim, Hyunshig Joo, Haeseong Cho, Sangjoon Shin
3 Optimal control analysis for the MERS-CoV outbreak: South Korea perspectives ( 143-154 Page ) DongHo Lee, M. A. Masud, Byul Nim Kim, Chunyoung Oh
4 Development of the Hansel-Spittel constitutive model gazed from a probabilistic perspective ( 155-165 Page ) Kyunghoon Lee, Ji Hoon Kim, Beom-Soo Kang
5 The novelty of infinite series for the complete elliptic integral of the first kind ( 167-180 Page ) A.Y. Rohedi, E. Yahya, Y.H. Pramono, B. Widodo
6 Mobile platform for pricing of equity-linked securities ( 181-202 Page ) Wang Jian, Jungyup Ban, Junhee Han, Seongjin Lee, Darae Jeong