Journal of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
( Vol.9 NO.2 / 2005 )
1 New Taylor-like expansions for functions of two variables and estimates of their remainders ( 1-16 Page ) S.S. Dragomir, Feng Qi, G. Hanna, P. Cerone
2 The stability in an inclined layer of viscoelastic fluid flow of hydroelectric natural convection ( 17-28 Page ) A.A. El-Bary
3 A surface reconstruction method for scattered points on parallel cross sections ( 29-44 Page ) Philsu Kim
4 Influence of thermal conductivity and variable viscosity on the flow of a micropolar fluid past a continuously moving plate with suction or injection ( 45-54 Page ) A. M. Salem, S. N. Odda
5 Generalized Difference Methods for One-Dimensional Viscoelastic Problems ( 55-64 Page ) Huanrong Li
6 Existence of Solutions of Fuzzy Delay Integrodifferential Equations with Nonlocal Condition ( 65-74 Page ) K.Balachandran, K.Kanagarajan
7 Inverse Heat Conduction Problem in a Thin Circular Plate and Its Thermal Deflection ( 75-82 Page ) A. K. Tikhe, K. C. Deshmukh
8 A New Algorithm of Evolving Artificial Neural Networks via Gene Expression Programming ( 83-90 Page ) Kangshun Li, Yuanxiang Li, Haifang Mo, Zhangxin Chen
9 Mod $M$ normality of $ beta$-expansions ( 91-98 Page ) Young-Ho Ahn
10 Function approximation over triangular domain using constrained Legendre polynomials ( 99-114 Page ) Young Joon Ahn